What is an Equus Experience?

Equus Experience allows you to learn about and create a deeper understanding of how you come across to others.  You will learn how powerful your body language is and how to fine tune this important communication skill.  In addition to enhancing your nonverbal skills the Equus Experience will help you discover how your thoughts impact outcomes in relationships both personally and professionally.  Having fun and decreasing stress are also consistent results of an Equus Experience.  Most importantly, an Equus Experience allows you to address your goals in an efficient, precise and timely manner- often in just one day.

What is the outcome of an Equus Experience?

*Quick and timely results.

*You will understand how to use your non-verbal communication skills to enhance transmission of what you say.

*You will get a clear picture of how you come across and show up in relationships both professionally and personally.

*You will work more effectively in teams and with other groups including family.

*You will manage your stress more effectively.

*You will learn how to get a different outcome without working harder.

What is different after experiencing Equus?

Time with a horse during an Equus Experience becomes one of those truly rare transformative, A Ha, lightbulb moments in life.

Participants report they are working smarter rather than harder.

Participants report more courage when facing fear.

Participants report awareness of their ability to fine tune their energy, body language, thoughts and message and get a different outcome.

Participants report noticing when they are impacting relationships in a negative way and are quickly able make a shift that creates an opening for flow and a positive outcome.

Want to read more about the power of horses?

"Through the heart of a horse, I was able to get the heart of the matter that was holding me back from peace, from growth and from stepping into the future that's been waiting for me to catch up. After working with Honor and Ted (the horse) I released pent-up anger and emotions by learning to be real, be present and be focused. Learning to live in the moment has helped me to realize I want to live there more often. Although I'm still a work in progress, I'm trying not to live in the past or worry about the future, but to be right here. Right now.  This is an experience I want to have again and again."

-Brenda Hampton

Session Pricing

A seventy-five (75) minute session is $175.00. Please contact me to schedule your time.

Half-day and full-day private Equus sessions are available, please contact me for price and scheduling.

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